CMA Snake Bow Challenge

Our summer postal match is back! Have you got a Snake bow lying around somewhere from when you first started archery? Time to dust it off and give this a go!

Track required: 30m track 2-4m wide, designed to fit in a 40m long arena 

Equipment required: 3 targets with FITA80 target faces, 48” junior Rolan Snake bow must be used, any arrows can be used.


  • 4 runs in total: one on foot (must be walking, not shooting from standstill), 3 mounted: one at walk, one at trot, one at canter
  • Targets are set back 5m, 15m and 10m from the edge of the demarcated run.
  • FITA80 target faces. 5 zone scoring.
  • No timing but the correct pace must be maintained for the whole run
  • You may shoot 1 arrow at each target. Arrows may be carried in the hand or in a quiver, you may start pre-nocked.


  • 5 zone scoring: 1-5 pts
  • 3 bonus points are awarded if a rider scores on all 3 targets.
  • No time constraints/points

The postal match will run all summer (last day for entries 31st October 2021). Scoresheet available to download here. Please send entries to Happy shooting!


Developed by: Cotteswold Mounted Archers