CMA Stay at Home Challenge

This challenge has been designed for people to do in a relatively small space during current government restrictions. You will need one FITA 60 target that needs to be seven metres from your shooting line.

There are two challenges, one requires timing, the other does not (for those who don’t have anyone to help them or beginners/children).  You may enter one or both but must shoot two separate matches, not use the same scores for both. Please only shoot each match once, not over and over until you get a score you like! The challenge is open to anyone who shoots a bare bow (i.e. a non-centreshot bow, where the arrow is shot off the hand, with no sighting-aids). It will run until the end of January and scores will count towards the CMA Postal Match League for 2021.

You will need to shoot 4 ends (sets) of 6 arrows. The first end will be side shots. The second is also side shots but using your off hand (non-dominant hand, so right-handed archers shoot with their left and vice-versa). The third end is front shots (the archer must have at least one foot pointing towards the target) and the fourth back shots (one heel towards the target). Scoring is 1 – 10 points: the usual 1, 2, 3 for the first 3 colours but then 5 for red and 10 for gold (see picture below). You may hold up to 3 arrows in your bow hand before starting each end (and may NOT start nocked) The other three arrows must be drawn from a quiver, belt or arrow holder such as a cone etc. but do not need to be drawn one by one, so all 3 remaining arrows may be drawn at once.

If doing the timed option, the time for each set of 6 arrows is 20 seconds. Points are awarded for shooting all 6 arrows in less than this time and deducted for going over the 20 seconds. One point is awarded or deducted per second or part thereof (to two decimal places if using a digital timer). The lowest score for an end is zero. If the time penalties exceed the arrow score the competitor scores zero (not a negative score).

Scores should be returned on this scoresheet to before the end of 31st January

Please make sure that you have somewhere safe to shoot before attempting this challenge!

The outer ring should be 60cm diameter, the outer edge of the black ring 48cm, that of the blue 36cm, red 24cm and gold 12cm.

Developed by: Cotteswold Mounted Archers