Stay at Home Challenge 2 – Inside Out

Fort the month of February we have a new challenge for you to do at home – the Inside Out Challenge. You will need a 60cm target and enough space to shoot from 7 metres away. As always you will need to be shooting a non-centreshot bow with no arrow rest or sights etc. It’s inside out because for this Challenge the white outer ring on the target is worth 5 points, the black 4, the blue 3 as usual but then the red 2 and the gold 1. Imagine that your target looks like this (but with 5 zone scoring, not 10):

You will need someone to time you. You can shoot 6 arrows as a warm up before you begin. Shoot 3 ends (sets) of 6 arrows at the target from 7 metres, they can be side, forward or back shots but your arrows must be held in a quiver and you may only draw one at a time. You may not touch your arrows before the time starts, your draw hand must be at your side or in the air. Time ends when the final arrow hits the target. Once you’ve shot the first end of 6, record your time (to the nearest whole second) and score (remembering to score inside out!) and then do the same for the second and 3rd ends. To get your final score you need to subtract your total arrow points score form your total time taken – so lowest score wins! Let’s see who can get a negative score!

Please only shoot the match once, not over and over until you get a score you like!

A scoresheet can be found here. Please send your entries to or via our Facebook page before midnight on February 28th.

** Please make sure you have somewhere safe to shoot before attempting the challenge and follow government Covid 19 rules **