Stay at Home Challenge 3 – The Rainbow

For the month of June we have a new challenge for you to do at home – the Rainbow Challenge. You will need a 60cm target face and enough space to shoot from 7 metres away. As always you will need to be shooting a non-centreshot bow with no arrow rest or sights etc. It’s called the Rainbow Challenge because you will only be using half of your target as pictured…..

The scoring is slightly different too – the gold will score 5 as usual and the red 4, but the blue scores -3, the black -2 and the white -1. The aim is to get a score as near to zero as possible (but not the lowest score possible, so 2 is better than -4). Shoot 5 ends of 3 arrows, arrows can be in a quiver or in the hand but you may NOT start prenocked. You have a time limit of 15 seconds to shoot each end of 3. Any arrows shot after the time limit do not count. But be careful – if an arrow misses the scoring zones of the target completely it scores 10! Linecutters are archer’s choice.

Please only shoot the match once, not over and over until you get a score you like!

A scoresheet can be found here. Please send your entries to or via our Facebook page before midnight on June 30th.

** Please make sure you have somewhere safe to shoot before attempting the challenge **