CMA Turret Challenge

For the month of April we have a mounted challenge as hopefully we are allowed out a bit more! You will need a 30 metre track and 3 FITA 80 targets.

This track is the Tower track’s little brother. You need to arrange your targets as shown, either propped up or on low target stands in the middle of your 30m track, 7 metres away from the track edge. To get us back into mounted shooting after a long winter this challenge is only to be done at the walk.

You need to do four runs at the walk. There is no timing for this, but the horse must maintain a walk throughout, if it stops you will be disqualified for that run only, however there is no penalty for going faster. For the first two runs you can only shoot 6 arrows, for the last two you can shoot unlimited arrows and all hits count. Scoring is the usual one to five. Arrows can be in the hand or quiver and you may start with one nocked. Arrows shot before the start or after the finish will not be counted.

Please only shoot the match once, not over and over until you get a score you like!

A scoresheet can be found here. Send your entries to or via our Facebook page before midnight on April 30th

** Please make sure you have somewhere safe to shoot before attempting the challenge and follow current government Covid 19 rules **