CMA Tiny Target Challenge

For May we have another unmounted challenge for you that only needs you to be 5m from the target. But that’s because the target is tiny!

Print off a copy of the target on a sheet of A4. It is a smaller version of our usual 80cm target and scored the same, 5 points for gold to 1 point for white. But this target also has some small green dots and if you hit one of these, you score 10 for each dot in addition to the normal target points. Linecutter rules as usual (higher score is awarded).

Set up the target 5 metres from the shooting line. Shoot 3 ends of 6 arrows as follows:

6 side shots

6 front shots

6 back shots

There is a time limit of 30 seconds for each end, any arrows shot after this time do not count. A scoresheet can be downloaded here.

Please only shoot the match once, not over and over until you get a score you like!

Send your entries to or via our Facebook page before midnight on May 31st

** Please make sure you have somewhere safe to shoot before attempting the challenge and follow current government Covid 19 rules **